• Spring

    Digital illustration. Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Carlos Kern

    Studio photography of Professor Carlos Kern.
  • Phillips Toothpaste

    Redesign and modernization of Phillips toothpaste packaging artworks: cartridge and tube.
  • II ENOTO – Ordo Templi Orientis National Meeting

    Visual identity for the 2nd Ordo Templi Orientis National Meeting in Brazil. In addition to the visual identity, supporting materials were also developed to the event, […]
  • NiQuitin

    Graphic maintenance and creation of artworks of NiQuitin anti-smoking product line (tablets and adhesives) packages: envelopes, gloves, cartridges and exhibitors.
  • Waiting

    Photo session with the orphans of the São João Batista Orphanage
  • 3C’s Soluções – corporate site

    Development of website for accounting company with blog page and video materials. Link http://www.3cssolucoes.com.br
  • Table Gourmet – Cooking Blog

    Visual identity for the Table Gourmet culinary blog.
  • Theater of Machado de Assis

    Creation of covers, box and label for DVD for the collection of Häler Publishing House with the theatrical work of Machado de Assis.
  • Abandon

    Urban photography. Street dweller in Lapa.
  • LAICAnSat 1 – Mission Patch

    Creation of a mission patch (mission symbol, normally used as stickers or appliqués) for the launch of the recoverable satellite LICAnSat 1, from the University of […]
  • Passage of the Hours – theatrical project

    Booklet for presentation of the theatrical project Passage of the Hours, from the company Corpo em Cena, to sponsors and supporters.
  • Desejada – underwear boutique

    Visual identity for the lingerie store Desejada, located in the city of Nova Friburgo.
  • The Little Prince

    Vector Illustration in Illustrator.
  • Calix Babalon – Visual Identity and Labeling

    Development of visual identity for handmade perfumery based on alchemical principles. Development of labels in transparent BOPP film for round bottles with shoulder and rectangular.
  • Orchid

    Watercolor pencil on canson paper. Digital adjustment of contrasts.
  • Macaw

    Digital illustration with Photoshop.
  • Corega

    Graphic maintenance and redesign of the packaging artworks for the entire line of Corega denture fasteners (Plus, Super and Ultra) and creation of the artworks for […]
  • Yoga at Espaço ID

    Promotional Flyer for Professor Ilma Lima’s yoga classes, with new space and schedules information. For this piece was also created an event cover on Facebook:
  • Presença PSI – institutional site

    Creation of visual identity and website to promote the group of psychological care and events held by them. Also creating material for use on Facebook. Link […]