• 3C’s Soluções – corporate site

    Development of website for accounting company with blog page and video materials. Link http://www.3cssolucoes.com.br
  • Macaw

    Digital illustration with Photoshop.
  • Agave – mexican restaurant

    Visual identity for the Mexican gastronomy restaurant Agave, located in the Center of Rio de Janeiro.
  • Abandon

    Urban photography. Street dweller in Lapa.
  • Woman – The Feminin in the History of Art

    Cover for the book of art historian Délcio Ramos, published by Häler Publishers.
  • Calix Babalon – Visual Identity and Labeling

    Development of visual identity for handmade perfumery based on alchemical principles. Development of labels in transparent BOPP film for round bottles with shoulder and rectangular.
  • Nude Study

    Oil pastel on Canson paper
  • Tekné Magazine – editorial project

    Editorial project for the launch of magazine TEKNÉ, of arts and technology, of Häler Publishing.
  • Theater of Machado de Assis

    Creation of covers, box and label for DVD for the collection of Häler Publishing House with the theatrical work of Machado de Assis.
  • International Declaration of Human Rights: 60 years

    Poster made for UNESCO for the events commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Estrela Rubi Magazine – cover

    Cover for the first edition of the Star Rubi magazine, from Ordo Templi Orientis. Creation of cover illustration and layout.
  • Waiting

    Photo session with the orphans of the São João Batista Orphanage
  • Orchid

    Watercolor pencil on canson paper. Digital adjustment of contrasts.
  • Bride Blues

    Photographic series The Bride Blues, with model Chrissie Vogas La Cava, in Rio de Janeiro downtown.
  • Agência Flecha – corporate site

    Complete redesign of the site to suit the new business parameters. Site: http://www.agenciaflecha.com.br
  • Spring

    Digital illustration. Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Passage of the Hours

    Poster for the theatrical company Corpo em Cena, promotional of the piece Passing the Hours, based on the work of Fernando Pessoa. Also the tickets for […]
  • Yoga at Espaço ID

    Promotional Flyer for Professor Ilma Lima’s yoga classes, with new space and schedules information. For this piece was also created an event cover on Facebook:
  • Corega Tabs

    Graphic maintenance and redesign of the packaging artworks for the entire line of denture cleanser Corega Tabs and creation of artworks of the new brand Corega […]
  • II ENOTO – Ordo Templi Orientis National Meeting

    Visual identity for the 2nd Ordo Templi Orientis National Meeting in Brazil. In addition to the visual identity, supporting materials were also developed to the event, […]