• Rape: one touch after the “no” is enough

    Poster for campaign against rapes of OCIP Vida Feminina.
  • Calix Babalon – Visual Identity and Labeling

    Development of visual identity for handmade perfumery based on alchemical principles. Development of labels in transparent BOPP film for round bottles with shoulder and rectangular.
  • Corega Tabs

    Graphic maintenance and redesign of the packaging artworks for the entire line of denture cleanser Corega Tabs and creation of artworks of the new brand Corega […]
  • Table Gourmet – Cooking Blog

    Visual identity for the Table Gourmet culinary blog.
  • Estrela Rubi Magazine – cover

    Cover for the first edition of the Star Rubi magazine, from Ordo Templi Orientis. Creation of cover illustration and layout.
  • Carlos Kern

    Studio photography of Professor Carlos Kern.
  • Golfinho News – online newspaper

    Creation of online version for the reformulation of Jornal Golfinho, communication paper of Iate Clube Jardim Guanabara. Site: http://www.jornalgolfinho.com.br
  • Macaw

    Digital illustration with Photoshop.
  • Indústria Brasileira / Made in Brazil

    Poster for the release of the documentary “Indústria Brasileira / Made in Brazil” made by the media producer WorldSound in partnership with the record label Amazônia […]
  • Desejada – underwear boutique

    Visual identity for the lingerie store Desejada, located in the city of Nova Friburgo.
  • Abandon

    Urban photography. Street dweller in Lapa.
  • Presença PSI – institutional site

    Creation of visual identity and website to promote the group of psychological care and events held by them. Also creating material for use on Facebook. Link […]
  • Corega

    Graphic maintenance and redesign of the packaging artworks for the entire line of Corega denture fasteners (Plus, Super and Ultra) and creation of the artworks for […]
  • LAICAnSat 1 – Mission Patch

    Creation of a mission patch (mission symbol, normally used as stickers or appliqués) for the launch of the recoverable satellite LICAnSat 1, from the University of […]
  • Agência Flecha – corporate site

    Complete redesign of the site to suit the new business parameters. Site: http://www.agenciaflecha.com.br
  • New AEon Tarot – Brand Identity

    Creation of visual identity for Juliana Rey taróloga, which can be used in social media, watermark or stationery.
  • Passage of the Hours – theatrical project

    Booklet for presentation of the theatrical project Passage of the Hours, from the company Corpo em Cena, to sponsors and supporters.
  • NiQuitin

    Graphic maintenance and creation of artworks of NiQuitin anti-smoking product line (tablets and adhesives) packages: envelopes, gloves, cartridges and exhibitors.
  • Bride Blues

    Photographic series The Bride Blues, with model Chrissie Vogas La Cava, in Rio de Janeiro downtown.
  • The Little Prince

    Vector Illustration in Illustrator.